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Baby News!!

It’s a GIRL!!! 

We had my ultrasound about 2 weeks ago, and had both the kids with us and Jaeson.  She is getting big!  I should have known the baby is a girl, all that sickness I had and still have, just the very icky, tired, busted feeling! LOL …. 

The problem now is coming up with a name for her that will fit our family, Aleighja, Amari and ???  I swear we’ve looked in all the online sites for baby names but we haven’t found that perfect name just yet!  


Man, I’m feeling slammed… a lot of stuff going on lately, and a lot of things I have to get a move on!  

I’ve go projects going on, Gig’s coming up, Bball for Lei and Martin, New moon’s coming out!!  The Pacman fight, Thanksgiving…. at least they are all great things to look forward to but I will be spread thin the next two month!!  I LOVE the holidays!!!!

And I’m turning 30 next month!!!  I can’t believe I’m going to be 30!!!!

♥We will miss you Michael♥

I’m still in shock from yesterday after learning about Michael Jackson’s death.  I was sitting at my desk when my co-worker behind me says.. Hey! Michael Jackson is dead.  Right away I look at msn.com and komo4news and it said he was rushed to the hospital and may be in a coma.  I said.. no he isn’t dead!  I thought of it as another one of people’s sick spook emails or a hoax, because there was no way Michael Jackson was dead.  Martin calls me and says he got a text message that Michael Jackson is dead and I assured him ..no its not true!  I’m looking at it on the news and all it says is that he was rushed to the hospital!  I put my phone down not even thinking about it twice and two minute’s later I get a text from Kube saying Michael Jackson is dead.  I checked msn again and there is was.  I was paralyzed for a few minutes.

I am a true fan of Michael’s.  Always will be.  Just like a lot of people in this world, I grew up to his music.  Grew up with the boy’s in my family dancing “Michael Jackson”, with the glove and everything.  The girls usually ended up being the back up dancers but we still would dance our asses off!  I use to wake up Christmas morning to my Mom and Dad playing “Give love on Christmas Day”, by the Jackson 5.  My cousin’s would play the video Thriller all the time and I’d close my eyes cause it scared the crap outta me, but I’d always open my eyes at the end, because that was my favorite part!  When Mike is walking out with the girl and he looks over his shoulder at the camera and gives the cutest smile, and his eyes turn yellow like cat eyes!!  My favorite though is Smooth Criminal.  Even to this day when I watch it I’m just blow away by this man’s talent and genius.  It’s indescribable and definitely unmatchable.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever witnessed.   

Even without knowing him personally, he has very much been a part of the 29 years I’ve spent on this Earth.  I have so many memories of my past, my childhood, where somehow he’s included in it in some way.  Even this past year my hubby and I had been watching a lot of Michael Jackson’s performances on you tube for some reason, remembering what a genius this man is.  We introduced Aleighja to Michael Jackson last year at one of our parties at the house.  Martin and I made her watch all the video’s and all the performances we could find for her on you tube, and in the process making our friends watch it too.  Truccia and her were trying to learn the whole Thriller video!  At one point all us grown folks were up out our seats doing our best Michael Jackson dancing too!  LOL.  That’s when my 10 year old daughter became a fan.  It’s for these events in my life that I’ve spent with my loved ones where either his dancing or his music somehow made it that much more memorable to me.  I’ll always thank him for that.

What makes me so sad about his death, besides it being untimely and so unexpected, is that people still find the evilness in them to talk about the negative and place judgement.  To put their 2 cents about him, even in death.  I chose to only watch CNN last night thanks to that Hooper guy, because Fox News had this bitch lady that was criticising him about what he wore when he was going to court.  Actually talking shit because he wore his pajama’s one day.  I mean…. is that ALL you have to say about this man?  To me it’s straight evil.  LET HIM REST IN PEACE.  He’s already dead.  What did he do to you??  and what more do you want?  He’s given the world all he has to give and yet no one had nothing to give back to him except grief to the point where he didn’t even want to live in this country anymore.  It’s sad.  And I don’t care about the molestation charges cause I don’t believe it.  So please don’t mention any of that to me, because again people think they know it all.  I pay my respects to the deceased, and for someone that was such a force in this world, that brought people of all races, gender and beliefs together as he did, he deserves a little more respect on his way out of this world then people bashing him STILL, cause they hate their own selves and invite hatered in their hearts.  I’m not a hateful person at all.  I just don’t see how people can say things they say and believe in God and Jesus and sleep at night.  

I think it was either Al Sharpton or Smokey Robinson last night that said when they were at James Brown’s funeral a few years back with Michael Jackson, they had asked him to talk, and at first he didn’t want too.  But I guess he made the comment that he hoped that James Brown would finally get the credit and recognition he deserved in death that he didn’t get in life.  That touched me so deeply and in a sense I hope that for Mike.  Not the recongnition so much because everyone knows and you can’t deny he’s like no other.  It’s just that I hope people look past his last years of what everyone thought was so weird and remember him for what he was and did for music, entertainment and for others.  He gave so much happiness to people.  Let’s remember that.

Basically, if you didn’t care for him or don’t like him… then just don’t say nothing at all.  Let those who loved him mourn for our loss and have some respect for how amazing life and death truely is. 

I cried a few times last night from the overwhelming sadness I felt and trying to make sense why this happened.  And as Martin and I were laying in bed before I nodded off to sleep, a thought came in my head and I asked him….Do you think God said to Mike, “You know… this is enough.  It’s time to go.  You’ve done what you can here in this life and there is no more for you to give.  You’ve had enough and it’s time to rest….”  That made total sense to me in every way.

Me and my family love you Mike.  I pray that you are at peace and I thank you for all the good times you have brought to our lives……    

“Awww… Moment”

This was from an email sent to me.  Its sooo sweet that I just had to post it!

Below is the email and what someone had written above the picture.


    Can someone tell President Obama  – That HE NO LONGER HAS TO BE SO FREAKING ADORABLE!?!?!? He’s already elected….**sigh**  Awwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!  My favorite part is how all the secret service start looking away!awwwwwwwwww

In a freight elevator on the way to a ball, with the First Lady staying warm in the President’s jacket




Barack Obama, Our New President?

I felt compelled to dedicate my first blog post to Barack Obama.  I had not been following the political race prior to the beginning of the Presidential debates.  I didn’t know much about Barack Obama or John McCain.  I was first a Hilary Clinton supporter….but why?  When asked, I wasn’t really sure except the fact that she is a Clinton, she handled Bill’s indiscretion pretty damn well, and maybe a little having to do with her being a woman!  Pretty much all the wrong reasons I suppose.  Remembering the era that Bill Clinton was in office I remember a stable economy and everything seeming okay with the country in general.  I was younger then, so if I’m wrong, let’s blame it on that.  Far from perfect but surely it beat the Bush administration by at least 20 times 100 million percent.  Since the presidential debates, I’ve caught up on the issues, the strategic resolutions each president proposes and feel like I’ve gotten to know the candidates as much as I’m going to until one actually steps into office.  Anyways, my vote is going to Obama.  Hopefully the next President of the US if we are lucky.  His ideas and what he stands for seem like a breath of fresh air.  He brings promise of change, hope and faith for a nation that has little left.  John McCain… seems like another Bush administration in the making… maybe not exactly but .. hmm… besides that… doesn’t his robotic arms and hands kinda scare you??  hahaha…

I recently was emailed these candid pictures of the Obama Tour.  Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did.  My favorite is the picture of the soles of his shoes.  It looks like he could have walked across the whole nation.  I also love the picture of him passed out on the couch.  I wont put my 2 cents on each one as the pictures speaks for itself.