Barack Obama, Our New President?

I felt compelled to dedicate my first blog post to Barack Obama.  I had not been following the political race prior to the beginning of the Presidential debates.  I didn’t know much about Barack Obama or John McCain.  I was first a Hilary Clinton supporter….but why?  When asked, I wasn’t really sure except the fact that she is a Clinton, she handled Bill’s indiscretion pretty damn well, and maybe a little having to do with her being a woman!  Pretty much all the wrong reasons I suppose.  Remembering the era that Bill Clinton was in office I remember a stable economy and everything seeming okay with the country in general.  I was younger then, so if I’m wrong, let’s blame it on that.  Far from perfect but surely it beat the Bush administration by at least 20 times 100 million percent.  Since the presidential debates, I’ve caught up on the issues, the strategic resolutions each president proposes and feel like I’ve gotten to know the candidates as much as I’m going to until one actually steps into office.  Anyways, my vote is going to Obama.  Hopefully the next President of the US if we are lucky.  His ideas and what he stands for seem like a breath of fresh air.  He brings promise of change, hope and faith for a nation that has little left.  John McCain… seems like another Bush administration in the making… maybe not exactly but .. hmm… besides that… doesn’t his robotic arms and hands kinda scare you??  hahaha…

I recently was emailed these candid pictures of the Obama Tour.  Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did.  My favorite is the picture of the soles of his shoes.  It looks like he could have walked across the whole nation.  I also love the picture of him passed out on the couch.  I wont put my 2 cents on each one as the pictures speaks for itself.


One response

  1. Spicy

    First of all. OBAMA BABY!

    You guys take some really nice pictures. You should really think about doing this picture-taking thing as a hustle. I will be your first customer. My first order: I need 1 picture of the fluted glasses. That one is dope! And I want one of the flowers, I don’t know which size but lets discuss it. I need a total of how much my order will cost me.

    Your house is so nice. I’m still amazed that it is almost completed. So how far along are they on the inside? Will they let you in to take some picture of the inside?

    November 17, 2008 at 10:16 pm

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