Khan Reception


Gabriel Family Pics

Engagement::Mike and Yani

We are late posting these pics as the big day has already arrived and passed for this lovely couple.  CONGRATS to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Garcia, as they were wedd this past Saturday in Santa Barbara. 

Taking their engagement pics was an honor for us =)


Baby News!!

It’s a GIRL!!! 

We had my ultrasound about 2 weeks ago, and had both the kids with us and Jaeson.  She is getting big!  I should have known the baby is a girl, all that sickness I had and still have, just the very icky, tired, busted feeling! LOL …. 

The problem now is coming up with a name for her that will fit our family, Aleighja, Amari and ???  I swear we’ve looked in all the online sites for baby names but we haven’t found that perfect name just yet!  

Preview::John and Crystal

Thank you for allowing us to capture the most important day of your lives together!

With Love, Martin and Aileen

PS.  More pics to come!


What a surprise!!

Just an update on what’s been going on in our lives since I haven’t blogged in quite some time…..

I found out that I’m pregnant on Christmas Eve.  Santa sure had a special day planned for me for Christmas! 

We adopted a puppy!  His name is Bam Bam.  He’s a cutie but the puppy smell is not helping me at all right now that I’m going thru my first tri of pregnancy.  and Im experiencing it really bad too, worst then what I went thru with my two kids.  I pray for relief soon, and I know my family prays for it too! LOL

RIP cousin Michelle.  We lost our cousin right before New Years.  It was very tough for my family just loosing our Grandmother a few months ago.  Our hearts had not healed yet.  Michelle was a very inspirational person, a wonderful and funny cousin and she will truely be missed by all of us. 

That’s it for now.